VIZIO M602i-B2 vs VIZIO E600i-B2 Review

VIZIO since a couple of years has successfully produced Smart TVs which offer great picture quality at affordable costs and that’s the main reason why they have penetrated the Smart TV market like no other. This review piece will compare two of the best selling VIZIO Smart TV line-up under the 60 Inch category; VIZIO M602i-B2 v/s VIZIO E6000i-B2.

Comparison Overview

To start off the M series in general goes up to 80 Inches of display while the E series offer of 70 Inches display. If you carefully observe the two together, design wise the VIZIO M602i-B2 is better than the VIZIO E600i-B2. This is comprehensible as VIZIO learned from other manufacturers and growing public demand of sleek & thin bezel for TVs. However both the Smart TVs are extremely well built and have a strong sturdy stand so you can place them anywhere you want.

VIZIO M602i-B3 60-inch 1080p Smart LED TV

Moving on, the E600i-B2 does not offer a variety of viewing angles while the M602i-B2 provides everybody in the room a great viewing experience. The M602i-B2 has a high level on contrast ratio which makes it image display more vivid and vibrant compared to other Smart TVs in the market. Ofcourse it won’t equal a Samsung Smart TV with the same specifications but it comes with a significantly lower price range. The E550i-B2 boosts the same picture quality but it takes a slight lead in terms of black level display. Overall the level of image quality is great on both the models.

The VIZIO Internet Apps Plus is a Smart TV platform owned by VIZIO. If you compare the usability and intuitiveness the M602i-B2 offers a more user-friendly experience compared to the E600i-B2. The range of apps and the Smart OS is same for both the models while the speed of navigating through menus & apps is faster in the M552i-B2. The better Smart TV experience is attributed mainly to the double-sided backlit remote that comes with the M602i-B2. Not only the remote gives a solid tactile feel but makes the overall Smart TV experience special. To top it all it features a full QWERTY keyboard on the back so you can easily type & search for your favorite movies, TV shows or sports.

VIZIO M652i-B2 65-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV


One thing to note here is that both the models that come with their standard setting offer low quality display. But there’s nothing to worry as you can adjust the picture quality accordingly by tweaking the settings. You can simply adjust the contrast and sharpen the display a bit to get a superb picture quality. To sum it up the M602i-B2 has better viewing angles & Smart OS experience while the E600i-B2 offers great black levels and contrast ratio. And yeah with both the models you need a separate sound bar to take your viewing experience to the next level.

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