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VIZIO P602ui-B3 Review

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 VIZIO recently launched its P Series, its top of the line 4K UHD flagships of Smart LED HDTVs, which is rather affordable, compared to brands like Samsung or LG with the same specifications. Lets see whether the VIZIO P602ui-B3 ends up being our bang-for-the-buck 4K TV for this year. Before you jump right into the review lets have a look at a price comparison table I drafted to analyze VIZIO P602ui-B3, Samsung 4K, LG 4K and Sony 4K TVs similar in specifications.

Brand Screen Size Price
Samsung 4K 60-Inch $2,798
LG 4K 60-Inch $2,499
Sony 4K N/A N/A
VIZIO 4K 60-Inch  $1,498


So I guess the picture is pretty clear in terms of cash. The VIZIO P602ui-B3 is clearly saving you money compared to Samsung and Sony with same specifications. The case with VIZIO P602ui-B3 is that it primarily focuses on Full-Array Local Dimming LED Backlight Technology, which is considered to be a successor of the previous Local Dimming Backlight found in the E & M series. The improvement in this model is the increase in dimming zones from 32 (M-Series) up to 64 on sizes ranging from 55-65 Inch. Without further ado lets explore of what the VIZIO P602ui-B3 brings to the table in terms of its features.

The VIZIO P602ui-B3 Review – 60 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED HDTV with 64 LED Zones coupled with a V6 Six-Core Processor

VIZIO P602ui-B3


V6 Six-Core Processor

Nowadays most 4K Smart TVs have a powerful processor in them, which is pretty comprehensible. Think of your smart phone for a minute, doesn’t it have a good processor compared to non-smart phones. The same goes for Smart TVs as well. In the case of VIZIO P602ui-B3, it homes in a V6 six-core processor comprised of a quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU that ensures fast navigation of menus and better Smart TV experience.

64 Active LED Zones

Picture Quality, it is the most important factor for a TV to be considered good. As mentioned earlier the picture quality is the strong point of the VIZIO P602ui-B3 as it homes in 64 Active LED Dimming Zones that boosts the overall picture performance. This technology helps to adjust backlight in accordance with the screen content, which enables it to deliver blacker blacks and brighter brights. In addition the VM50, the up scaling UHD engine utilizes an efficient procedure to bring all your favorite SD, HD and FHD shows, movies, and sports to near 4K quality. So no matter you have cable, satellite receiver, game console or a blu-ray player, the VIZIO P602ui-B3 will deliver your content in near UHD quality that you will cherish.

Clear Action 960

The VIZIO P602ui-B3 comes with a motion rate of 960, which really has amazing results when you watch sports, or an action packed movie. The Clear Action 960 in its truest sense minimizes blur and judder to the minimum with the VIZIO P602ui-B3. It blends with the fast 240Hz refresh rate to provide you with a smooth and stable image stretching across the 60-Inch screen. This model features the highest motion rate compared with previous VIZIO series, and it evident with the brilliant image it depicts.

VIZIO Internet Apps Plus

The Smart TV platform that the VIZIO P602ui-B3 utilizes is the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus, which is a successor to the earlier platform. To be honest The Samsung Smart Hub or the LG WebOS have superiority over this platform in terms of its features and usability. But the Internet Apps Plus overall is decent as it harbors a dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 ac connectivity and the V6 processor ensures fast delivery of content. One thing to note here is that HD content does not solely rely on a wireless device but also depend on the speed of your connection.

VIZIO P602ui-B3 Features and Specifications

Screen Size 60-Inch Class
Resolution UHD 3840 * 2160
Backlit Type Full-Array LED
Local Dimming 64 Active LED Zones
Refresh Rate 240Hz
4K Upscaling Yes
Processor V6 Six-Core (Quad GPU + Dual CPU)
HDMI 5 UHD Ready
WiFi 802.11 ac Dual Band
Smart TV Platform Internet Apps Plus
Speaker Output 10W*2
Speaker Type DTS Sound Studio and Tru Volume

VIZIO P602ui-B3: Customer Reviews and Scores

I have found 22 customer reviews at the time of writing this review piece and they altogether awarded the VIZIO P602ui-B3 a decent 3.8 stars on a possibly 5 on average, which makes it easy for me to recommend this TV to you. The customer reviews on the whole are positive but there are a few niggling points raised.


VIZIO P602ui-B3

At this stage of the review lets weigh the pros and cons of the VIZIO P602ui-B3 to decide whether it suits you or not. A round of customer reviews and scores will follow this for the VIZIO P602ui-B3.

Pros Cons
64 Active LED Zones & Full Array LED Technology No 3D ability
VM50 UHD Engine which makes up scaling smooth The VIZIO Internet Apps Plus is still a basic Smart TV platform compared to other brands
Active Pixel Tuning for adjusting pixel brightness and enhance contrast Viewing angles pose a problem when you watch from the sides
Comes with an HEVC H265 codec, a compressed 4K format. Also homes in a UHD Ready HDMI  
A backlit QWERTY Keyboard remote  


To sum it the VIZIO P602ui-B3 is a great bargain both in terms of price and the features it entail. The combination of a Quad-Core GPU and dual-core CPU makes it blazing fast to navigate and play UHD content. Mostly the comments of buyers are positive about the VIZIO P602ui-B3 and would recommend this TV as it offers a perfect blend of premium picture quality at an affordable cost.


Conclusion Rating
Picture Quality
5 stars
Viewing Angle
3 stars
Smart TV Features
3 stars
Value For Money
5 stars
Sound Quality
4 stars

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