VIZIO P502ui-B2 4K Smart LED TV


VIZIO P502ui-B2 Review

The VIZIO P502ui-B2 4K Smart LED TV is your 4K display companion which harbours an ideal 50-Inch display for home/office, which doesn't break your bank. It is a future proof TV to say the least.


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The visuals have never been as clear and sharp as they are now with the latest VIZIO P502ui-B2 one of the flagship 4K Smart LED TVs under the VIZIO P Series umbrella. With the availability of uniform backlight display, the 64-LED zones provide the most stunning contrast with brighter brights and blacker blacks. The VIZIO P502ui-B2 comes in a variety of screen sizes: 50, 55 this item, 60 and 70 inch respectively. It brings all those extra pixels with 4K display that come with other big names like Samsung, LG and Sony etc. for, for a very competitive price tag. This is what makes the VIZIO P 502ui-B2 a great bargain.

Superior Ultra HD picture, Spatial Scaling Engine, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus, Blazing fast 802.11ac wireless, 64 Active LED Zones 


The VIZIO P502ui-B2 is pretty much similar in its built when compared to the VIZIO M-Series, distinct lines and a thin sturdy bezel outlook. The screen spreading over 50 Inch with this model is what matters as with 4K display it measures how many pixels are arranged into a small space. Its 50 Inch screen is pretty suitable but a 60 or 70 Inch would offer a more comfortable viewing experience. The overall display to be honest is not something that would blow you away like other OLED TVs or Curved displays and that’s fair enough considering its price tag. One thing that stands out with the VIZIO P502ui-B2 is its brilliant contrast, which you can compare to even the expensive Samsung flagship models. It’s amazing to see that the VIZIO with its uncanny ability to utilize the LED zones technology to display deep blacks and brighter brights. The display is much better when compared with the models of VIZIO E-Series.



Lets see what the VIZIO P502ui-B2 has to offer in terms of its features. Starting off with its remote the dual-sided backlit QWERTY keyboard remote that comes along with this model is Bluetooth enabled rather than Wi-Fi enabled as with the VIZIO M-Series. Moving on the to the HDMI ports, this model is pretty generous in this regard both in quality and quantity. The VIZIO P502ui-B2 comes with HDCP 2.2 an advanced version to the commonly used HDMI 2.0. This allows P-Series to access all of your next-gen UHD devices – cable/satellite boxes, Blu-Ray players and game consoles. In addition to HDCP 2.2, it comes with HDMI 2.0 to support all the old and new technical accessories you want to use. This model offers a whopping 5 HDMI ports in total.

Moreover, the VIZIO P502ui-B2 is programmed to increase the contrast and sharpness levels of your pictures. With the advanced innovation of 64 Active LED Zones your LED screen’s backlight adapts to the content on-screen to deliver incomparable contrast levels, sharper details and the deepest, purest black levels. Also, the Clear Action 960 offers an effective 240Hz refresh rate but it does have some blur and judder while reframing. In addition, the latest VIZIO Internet Apps Plus has a snappy interface, which offers your favorite selection of apps and streamed content in one place.


The VIZIO P502ui-B2 except for a few hiccups is a great blend of great 4K Display and affordability. The 4K-display technology is not a standard yet but having the VIZIO P502ui-B2 in your home is an investment for the future.


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