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LG 40UB8000 Review

If you are searching for a minimum feature 4K LED Smart TV then don't look any further than the LG 40UB8000. It is a future-ready, good picture quality 4K TV which doesn't break your bank.


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The LG 40UB8000 is a latest release in the LG 4K LED TV line up and by far the most affordable. It is priced below the $1000 mark that has its implications. Firstly it doesn’t cost you a fortune to buy this model that has 4K Display and secondly considering the price it lacks IPS Panels, 3D and the LG WebOS. All being said the LG 40UB8000 offers you a good 4K Display for a price tag you can afford.


Screen Size (Diagonal): 39.5″, Panel Type: LED LCD, Pixel Resolution: 3840 x 2160, Refresh Rate: 240 Hz, TV Tuner: Yes, 1 component video and 3 HDMI inputs, Integrated Miracast and MHL connectivity


This model stretches over 39.5-Inches of LED Display that features a 3840 by 2160 resolution providing a vivid, immersive 4K picture. Picture quality is the single most important factor when people decide to buy a TV and the LG 40UB8000 doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

In addition to the 4K technology the Tru-4K HD engine ensures the colors look organic, vibrant and the contrast appears enhanced. The mainstay of Tru-4K HD engine is that it helps to render both light and dark parts of the image that results in brighter brights and blacker blacks. It also aids in the process of up scaling where converting SD, HD or FHD content to 4K quality becomes fast and simple.

LG 40UB8000

Unlike Samsung & Sony, LG at the moment doesn’t have 4K content distribution service so its important to them that they provide a seamless and efficient up scaling technology so that people can watch their favorite movies, TV shows or YouTube clips with the LG 40UB8000 in 4K Display via streaming services.

LG has made this model future-ready similar to Samsung’s new releases, which come with HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) decoder so that it can play next generation content with the ubiquitous HEVC compression format. The LG 40UB8000 also homes in an integrated UCI 1080 motion technology working at a 240 Hz refresh rate to curb distortion on fast moving images.


You shouldn’t expect oodles of features with the LG 40UB8000 considering its price range but still its ends up to a good bargain overall. With the absence of the IPS display there is a significant affect on the image quality especially when the viewing angles are concerned. This is expected as this model is supposed to be a entry level, value add in the LG’s 4K line-up.

And let the truth be told mostly the LED TVs under the $1,000 mark have issues with side viewing that when you go 20 degrees to either side your view gets distorted. The contrast and colors are pretty decent when they the LG 40UB8000 is viewed upfront and directly from the center. You can wall mount it accordingly so every time you watch it you get the premium display that you expect from it.

Moreover, the LG 40UB8000 utilizes a whopping 240 Hz refresh rate, which is coupled with Ultra Clarity Index 1080 technology. This model can easily be used as a gaming screen as it provides minimum judder and distortion while working with fast moving images. In addition the 10-bit color depth that is standard with all LG 4K TVs display over 1 billion colors. That is more than 50 times more than conventional TVs having an 8-bit color depth.

Furthermore, the smart TV platform provided by the LG 40UB8000 is rather simple but doesn’t have the same level of customization as the LG WebOS. This model features a simpler OS, which supports standard apps entailing YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Twitter etc. The OS is pretty decent to be honest and is reminiscent of the UB8200 OS.

Surprisingly with the price tag in consideration the LG 40UB8000 homes in a dual-channel 20W audio system for audio playback that has decent sound. However if you happen to be an audiophile you would need a separate sound bar for premium sound quality. Other noticeable features include smart share, built-in WiFi and Energy Star Badge.


The LG 40UB8000 is an value add 4K LED Smart TV that’s affordable and competes with the Samsung UN40H6950 in terms of its specifications. Despite the absence of IPS, 3D and LG WebOS it has has good picture quality and decent sound. Not the best in class of course but if you are tight on budget or want yourself a starter 4K TV, then look no further than the LG 40UB8000.


Conclusion Rating
Picture Quality
4 stars
Viewing Angle
4 stars
Smart TV Features
4 stars
Value For Money
5 stars
Sound Quality
4 stars

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