Top Rated Soundbars for your TV in 2015

In reality you actually don’t need a guidebook or detailed explanation as to why would you need a soundbar. It’s pretty simple. You need it for enhanced sound, which your TV is not able to provide. But yes, you do need to review which company and specific features (like sound optimization or dialog enhancements) you are looking for your TV. Thus we have compiled a list of top rated soundbars which are latest and the best available in the market. Tried, tested and approved by many. Happy Reading.

Note: To review the soundbar in detail and make a final decision, tag along with the given link so that you make an informed decision. Thanks.

VIZIO S3851w-D4 5.1 Sound Bar I Wireless Subwoofer & Satellite Speakers

This particular soundbar takes appropriate space in your room with your TV with an elegant and modern façade. You just have to connect it via a single cable and it will provide you with a vivid & premium sound that long for. Its 38-Inches wide construct enables a wider audio spectrum in your room or lounge. The wireless connection option with the VIZIO S3851w-D4 gives you freedom to stream content via smartphone or tablet, with minimal audio distortion.

VIZIO S3851w-D4 38″ 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer & Rear Satellite Speakers


LG NB3530A I Sound Bar System

LG has a good reputation when it comes to sound bars and the LG NB3530A doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It sturdy, elegant and overall has a premium built quality with some awesome perks. Its easy to set up and supports multiple audio addition to enhance your audio experience. It supports Bluetooth and comes with DIY mount kit so that you can adjust it as you wish. To top it all, this model is the cheapest in this list of top rated soundbards of 2015.

LG Electronics NB3530A Sound Bar System with Bluetooth Connectivity

Sony HTST7 HD I Wireless Subwoofer Sound Bar

Well the name says it all, Sony managed to produce a soundbar that provides the premium quality sound you would want to make your TV experience a cinema experience. The design helps it to un-earth a detailed sound is because it harbors a streak of seven speakers side to side which produce a combined powerful theatre like audio. One thing to note about this model is its price, which is high obviously considering its features & performance. Overall, if you have a flexible budget then you should seriously consider having this baby in your TV lounge. Sony HTST7 HD is absolutely made for that.

Sony HTST7 HD Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

ZVOX 580 I Single Cabinet Surround Sound with Optical & Coaxial cable

The ZVOX 580 is a little un-orthodox in its design compared to modern looking soundbars but take nothing away with its sound quality. It’s your replacement to those big butt speakers, which occupy space, offer decent sound and probably add to your electricity bill. This model on the other hand is compact, with surround sound (surround is offered in different modes) and is eco-friendly in usage. It provides you with a crisp and vivid sound which will sound up your room or TV lounge, and yeah all that without breaking your bank.

ZVOX 580 Low-Profile Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System with Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs

Soundmatters foxL Dash7 I Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Bar

It’s the perfect set for audiophiles out there as it not only provides a premium audio experience but also holds pride in being portable. It is seriously lightweight and offers great battery timing so you just keep watching back to back episodes of your favorite TV show. The design is minimalistic and comes in variety of bright colors to match in contrast with your TV set. The best thing about its sound quality is its clarity in low, moderate and high pitch audio content. It does faces criticism when it comes to durability but considering its price tag, it’s a great bargain.

Soundmatters foxL DASH7 Wireless Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Sound Bar and Speakerphone, Red

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